Established in 1989 in Melbourne, Australia, Ludlows is comprised of a small team dedicated to providing first-class customer service and producing the finest regalia available.

In 2004, Ludlows partnered with many Australian courts to redesign and be the exclusive supplier of their respective judicial robes, and continues to maintain this relationship to this day.

For the last 30 years, Ludlows has remained the largest provider of legal regalia operating in Australasia. We supply our full range worldwide, frequently assisting customers in New Zealand, the UK, Hong Kong, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and more!  Our Australian CBD store locations include Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

At Ludlows, we are constantly refining and testing our garments to ensure our clients are not only wearing the most comfortable regalia available, but are also the best dressed advocates in the room.

We appreciate all customer feedback; if you have an enquiry, please contact our friendly staff on – we will respond to you within 24-48 hours!